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Medal of Honor: Warfighter PC Game Review


The Gameplay in Warfighter is far from perfect. Graphically, running on DICE's Frostbite 2 engine, it's beautiful. You'll find plenty of cool features which you won't find in other military shooters, but you'll also encounter some tired game mechanics and absolutely inexcusable bugs.

One of the places where the game is absolutely strongest is in it's portrayal of weapons. As someone living in Sweden, I don't have very easy access to actual assault rifles, but I am an avid airsoft player, and that means I have an idea of what they feel like when you're using them in the field. The overwhelming majority of shooters out there do not feel, at least in my opinion, like real firearms. The weapons in Medal of Honor do, and for a game that's all about pretending to be a soldier, that's a pretty  big plus.

Another day at the office for this guy.

One good feature with the weapons is that there's multiple sights. You never simply have to choose between hip fire and scope for example; there's either going to be multiple zoom levels on your scope, or a backup iron sight or holographic sight available. Many real soldiers use this kind of setup and for good reason: Being able to fight enemies at different ranges makes your job much easier.

Another interesting feature is that aiming is hard. If you play Call of Duty, it always seems that the bullet goes exactly where your crosshairs are (unless you're playing a sniper section with intentional bullet drop and coreolis effect). In Warfighter, there's a realistic spread – you will not be able to headshot opponents at 100 meters without practice, and absolutely not without the right weapons for it.

Also notable is that you don't have a lot of ammo on you.  Many shooters today will load you up with hundreds of rounds of ammo and you can run and gun without worry. In Warfighter, you have a more realistic amount… usually not more than 150 or 200 rounds. You'll use these up fast if you're not careful, and then you'll have to pick up another rifle, or go to your squad mates and ask for more… which feels surprisingly humiliating.

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