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Medal of Honor: Warfighter PC Game Review


There are also smaller mini-games baked into the gameplay, such as the obligatory slow motion door breach, which you can unlock new animations for – a novelty, though ultimately unnecessary. There's also the helicopter gunner scene and the rather unique driving scene, something I'll cover more later.

Which brings us to your what you'll be shooting at. The enemy AI is fairly standard. They take cover, run to predictable places and so on… Unfortunately, your allies are far from standard. The single greatest complaint I have with Warfighter is the friendly AI. They take no regard to your actions at all, and it will often leave them frozen in place when they should be moving. In almost every mission, there's a place or two where I find that they take cover at some predesignated point, and they will not move up unless all enemies are clear. This includes if there's just one enemy left hiding out of their line of sight, meaning you'll have to run up and clear any stragglers out with no backup.

Breach, bang and clear.

Equally, there are other places where, for one reason or another, the script telling them to move forward, doesn't initiate. This means they'll remain in one hiding spot until the next wave of enemies comes at you. And  since the enemy doesn't trigger until you've passed a certain location, you'll usually have to run ahead and act as bait to get the game rolling again. Since the enemy usually comes in numbers of around ten or twenty, too much to take on alone if you're playing on the harder difficulties, this is certainly frustrating, and for a game of this day and age, utterly unacceptable.

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