Popular low-cost smartphone chipset supplier MediaTek made some disclosures about its future chipsets which includes one MT6290 quad core SoC, which has 4G LTE support.

MediaTek is planning to introduce the company's first SoC that supports 4G LTE networks. This move represents adapting to the growing popularity of 4G LTE connectivity in China and other developing countries like India (which now has 4G network support in three cities). Granted 4G network is available only in a few regions in China (Shenzhen and larger cities), but it won't be long before they are deployed in other regions as well. For when that happens, MediaTek wants to make sure that its own chipsets power the next wave of low-cost 4G handsets.

Little is known about the innards of the MT6290 SoC. MediaTek says that the minimum clock speed will be 1.3 GHz and that the chipset will be manufactured on the 28 nm process. Our best guess is that MediaTek will use ARM's Cortex A7 or A9 architecture in a quad core configuration. Expect this chipset to be the popular choice of low-cost flagship Chinese handsets in 2014.

Source: C114.net vi GizChina