Why didn’t I think of this earlier?

chairless chair for factory workers

Designed and developed by Swiss startup noonee, the Chairless Chair is a wearable device that acts like a chair-like-support exoskeleton when you need it, and a lightweight mechanical contraption when you don’t.

To wear it, you must strap it to your thigh and calves, followed by a tightening of a belt around your hips. Y you must assume a comfortable sitting posture, and lock it in place before activating the 6V battery that powers it for up to 24 hours. Your bodyweight is supported by a variable damper (technology that is popularly used in car suspensions).

chairless chair

The Chairless Chair has been developed for factory workers who have to work heavy machines for several hours a day. It has indeed met its target market, as companies like Audi, and BMW have signed up to deploy these devices to factory workers by the end of the year.

Read more about the development behind the Chairless Chair from the source link below.

Source: CNN