German inventors combine spell-checking from modern word processors with old fountain-ink pens.

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In today’s world, most people do their writing with a keyboard, but for those of you who are forced to use pen & paper, or just prefer the feel of it, the Lernstift should come across as a very attractive gadget.

Created by a team of two Germans Falk Wolsky and Daniel Kaesmacher, the Lernstift – German for “learning pen” – uses motion sensors and intelligent software running on an embedded version of Linux to detect when you make a spelling mistake, and then vibrates to let you know about it.

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They didn’t stop there, however, and ended up packing the Lernstift with some other amazing features to include:

  • Two writing modes. Orthography for recognizing spelling errors, and Calligraphy for “pointing out flaws of form and legibility”.
  • Uses machine learning algorithms to cater to your unique handwriting
  • Works with English and German. Support for more languages will be included later on.
  • Can wirelessly sync with third-party apps (that will work with their in-development open API) for digitization of hand-written documents, and collaborative work.

They have launched a campaign for Kickstarter, asking for a public funding of £120,000 in order to mass-produce and distribute the pen, after finishing work on the prototype shown above. For more details, see their original page from the link below.

via Kickstarter