The noPhone may not technically be a smart device, or a real phone for that matter, but it does offer a “technology-free alternative to constant hand-to-phone contact”, and so it’s a truly unique… thing, with an unrivaled list of special features.


Forget 2K, 4K, 8K screen resolution, quad-core, octa-core, 64-bit processors, PureView cameras, wireless charging, expandable storage, free cloud storage, “premium” aluminum builds, fingerprint recognition technology, heart rate monitors and all the shiny, fancy bells and whistles “normal” smartphones nowadays use to distract you from the bottom line.

All 99.99 percent of mobile tech consumers need a smartphone for is remove the “unsettling feeling of flesh on flesh when closing your hand”. Admit it, there’s nothing more depressing than having no slab of polycarbonate or aluminum to warm up your palms and hearts.

But the noPhone is the ultimate, um, hand-warmer, requiring no constant charging and resisting all sorts of abuse and drops, including, huzzah, unplanned dives in the toilet. This is a completely battery-free, display-free, connectivity-free, technology-free “gadget”, and as such, it’s also protected from the prying eyes of the NSA. BlackPhone? Nah, the noPhone is so much more secure.

How does one use it, you ask? Simple. You pick it up, and, this is important, so pay attention, you hold it. Confused? Then check out the product demo below for further explanation. Get it now? Awesome, though I’m afraid the noPhone manufacturers are yet to come forward with official pricing and availability details.

Clearly, the advanced security improvements alone should command quite a hefty price tag, albeit the lack of phone may help balance things out in the end.

Source: The Verge


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