A new concept of a ‘tear and share’ flash drive has been developed that works just like a tear off note advertisement often found on cork message boards. The paper encased USB flash drive fit anywhere you can put a credit card and are made to tear off and giveaway.

A new shareable USB flash drive invention being called Gigs.2.Go may make sharing information easy and inexpensive in very near future. Designed by a Kurt Rampton and the marketing company, BOLTgroup, the Gigs.2.Go USB flash drive set includes four very small USB flash drives encased in a paperboard material.  

Each individual drive is held on the paperboard by the perforations.  When you wish to pass along any kind of data, you just snap off the drive, record and give it away – 'tear and share'.

If the concept takes off it could become a new way in which to share files while on the go and using something other than E-mail or some kind of wireless file sharing.  It is also particularly far more secure than sharing files openly or across a public Internet hotspot.  

The cardboard-like material with which the drives are encased in is made of 100% recycled paper pulp.  In fact, it is the same kind of material that those molded cup holders from fast food restaurants are made of.    

GIGS.2.GO USB flash drive concept is designed to be the size of a standard credit card so it can fit in a wallet or pocket easily.  So far BOLTgroup has not disclosed how much the sharable drives will cost or when they will be available. 

While this new concept is unique in regards to flash drives, it's still a common variety USB flash storage device, except they're essentially disposable and more environmentally friendly.  The cheap paperboard casing also makes it convenient to write on the drive itself.