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Meizu releases mBook, looks awfully similar to a certain tablet

Barely a month has passed since the iPad was first released to retail stores for sale, and a company has already announced its plans to make a clone out of it. And its name? The Meizu mBook. Yes, you’re reading it correctly.

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When it comes to hardware clones, few brands have had the luxury of being as flattered as Apple, especially if one were to believe in the old saying “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. Indeed, just about any consumer gadget Apple churns out has been copied by other manufacturers: iPods, iPhones, Macbooks, and yes, even the new iPad, which is barely a month old.

And the company responsible for sincerely flattering Apple and its iPad is none other than Meizu, a Chinese company which gained fame for producing some of the most prominent iPhone clones some time back. Apparently, it seems that Meizu is not content with just producing smartphones and portable audio players: it clearly has its eye in the tablet PC market, as technology website Shanzai has revealed that the company has an iPad clone known as the mBook in the works.

Details are scarce as to what hardware will power the Meizu mBook, but Shanzai has claimed it will have a resolution of 1024 x 768 on an 8.4” screen, is expected to run on Google’s Android operating system and will also sport a 1.5GHz processor, which is highly rumoured to be a Snapdragon.

Interestingly, there was no mention of the mBook on the english version of Meizu’s homepage, but given Meizu’s reputation for making decent clones of the iPhone, the news of an iPad clone from them sounds entirely plausible at this point of time.

Source: Shanzai

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