With generous on voltage options and a really robust 12 phase power regulation for the CPU, the Gigabyte 965P DQ6 has great potential for great overclocking. Yantronic did a nice review on this board a while ago:

One stumbling block on current BIOS with this board is that when you select Memory voltage above 2.35v, the board does not boot. This can be easily rectified by a little voltage modifying to compensate the Memory voltage you get at a lower selected value. This is as easy as pencil shading one resistor,

First check the Memory voltage measurement point to measure your Memory voltage:

Then, locate the resistor above the Southbridge marked below:

You can use a pencil to shade it carefully and bit by bit to increase Memory voltage…. or you can solder a 20K Ohms Variable Resistor across it, set at maximum resistance. Lower resistance to increase voltage!