Mac users now have a new reason to accept Microsoft’s very own Messenger for Mac instead of resorting to alternative software, because the new beta of Messenger for Mac now supports A/C chatting.

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When it comes to applications developed by Microsoft for OS X and vice versa, there is usually one similarity in the outcome: the resulting app which is released to the competing platform is usually not as feature-complete as the version which was developed for its own operating system, with Quicktime and MSN Messenger being very good examples.

But with the release of Microsoft’s new Messenger for Mac beta though, it seems that Microsoft has moved to play nice with its competitor, as the beta version of its messenger is now fully capable of A/V chatting, a feature which was conveniently absent in the Mac version for more than 3 years.

According to a blog post on Mac Mojo, A/V chat was already working on Mac builds for as far as a year back, but the team apparently decided to delay the feature “because of significant protocol changes we needed to support in order to stay compatible with the latest version of our Windows Live desktop client”.

And considering that Microsoft’s MSN messenger (or Live Messenger, as it’s known in the Windows world) is usually the de facto instan- messaging client in many parts of the world, the move to include A/V chat in the Mac client means that OS X users no longer have to resort to questionable 3rd-party plugins on alternative software, virtualize or reboot into Windows just to utilize the A/V chatting feature which has only been present on the Windows client.

Of course, with the client currently in beta status, it does suffer from bugs and issues: so unless you really need to have A/V sessions with your MSN buddies, Mac users are probably better off using their current IM software until Microsoft releases a finalized build.

Source: Mac Mojo via Ars Technica