Metal Gear Solid V is finally revealed to be the same game as The Phantom Pain. Check out the trailer which combines the two already existing trailers with new footage and some groovy music by Garbage

We've all suspected it for a long time. We've all kind of known for a long time too. Now, however, we've finally had it confirmed: Metal Gear Solid V is The Phantom Pain, and Hideo Kojima has tossed us a bone with a great new trailer that gives us a look at some old friends who will be making reappearances in the new game and a lot of little hints as to what is going on in MGSV.


We've got a few mysteries baked in there too, such as the mysterious phrase "V has come to". We have all the leftover mysteries from Kojima's little mind game – like the relevance of Moby Dick (the name of the fake studio which was making The Phantom Pain). What is up with that flaming whale?