Tired of having too many different chargers for your various mobile devices? Well then, the European Commission has announced plans to adopt the Micro-USB port as a universal charging medium for all smartphones sold in Europe starting 2011.

Having a rats’ nest of various cables and charging adapters at home not only serve to inconvenience one, especially when there are different connectors for different devices.

According to news sources, the European Commission will adopt the micro-USB charging standard as universal on all smartphones sold from 2011. The decision was made back in August 2010 after nearly twelve months of debate.
No less than fourteen different manufacturers will participate in the agreement, including Apple, Nokia, Research In Motion (RIM, makers of BlackBerry smartphones) as well as Samsung.
Samsung and Nokia have already enabled micro-USB charging capability on their newer smartphones, but it is hard to see Apple ditching their proprietary 30-pin connector for a micro-USB port, especially when the connector enables the iPhone/iPod products to work with a myriad of accessories such as docking stations and FM receivers.
Source: Reuters