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Micron Announces First DDR4 DRAM Memory Module: DDR4-2400, DDR4-3200 Incoming

Micron Memory Module

While there are a lot of internal arguments between JEDEC members when exactly DDR4 is supposed to arrive on market (2013 or 2014), Micron is pressing forward with the first evaluation DDR4 prototypes operating at 2400 MHz.

To get the DDR4 certification process going, Micron Technology Incorporated announced that the company begun shipping the first engineering samples of "fully functional DDR4 DRAM modules" in DIMM form factor to its major customers. Micron expects to have the memory ready for mass production by fourth quarter of this year, for fast adoption by key industry players in 2013.

The focus on DDR4 is reducing the power consumption while increasing the performance over prevalent DDR3 standard. The memory was developed in conjunction with Taiwan's Nanya (part of Formosa Plastics conglomerate), utilizing Micron's 30nm process node.

The 4 Gigabit, 512MB DDR4 x8 memory chip promises memory densities of up to 8GB per single DIMM module, i.e. mainstream systems with 32GB of memory, 64 and 128GB going to the high-end. Micron will make memory chips with x8, x16 and x32 solder connections, reaching clocks from 2.4-3.2 billion transfers per second, i.e. "effective GHz", as memory vendors like to put it.

One of biggest players in the industry, Intel Corporation doesn't plan to introduce the DDR4 memory before 2014, with the first server chipsets for Haswell-EX. Desktop and mobile would only follow in 2015 with Broadwell, a 14nm die-shrink of Haswell.

Naturally, when a company like Intel is resisting the introduction during 2013, one might think that the game is over. However, companies such as AMD, NVIDIA, Qualcomm and TI are on the opposite side of the spectrum.

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