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Microsoft adds $8 (£5) to the cost of Xbox One exclusive titles in the U.K.

Microsoft’s unwarranted price hike on exclusive titles in the U.K. irks gamers who bought the console for these titles.


Microsoft has done a stellar job of shooting itself in the foot with the Xbox One since the day it unveiled the console earlier this year.

The latest news out of U.K. indicating that Microsoft has increased prices of its Xbox One exclusive titles by $8 (£5) show that it is still continuing to self-sabotage its console.

Exclusive launch titles are often the deciding factor when it comes to buying a game console. As such, customers in the U.K. who bought the Xbox One for offerings like Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5 and Ryse: Son of Rome were in for a shock as these titles now cost $82 (£49.99) instead of the $74 (£44.99) price that was quoted at the Xbox One launch just a few weeks ago. This is in stark contrast to the U.S., where all Xbox One launch titles are at $59.99.

Games that were released by Microsoft Studios have not seen any increase in cost, and Microsoft confirmed the hike in an official statement.

“Yes, pricing for select digital content in some markets has changed since launch,” the company said. “Digital content pricing is subject to change and we may occasionally offer various deals or promotions. Ultimately pricing and promotions will vary by region.”

It doesn’t look like there will be a decrease in the price of these games any time soon. If it is any consolation, Sony is facing a similar backlash in the region thanks to games on the PlayStation 4 costing as much as $103 (£63).

Source: VG 247

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