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Microsoft adds Star Trek Easter egg to Bing

Over the past weeks, Microsoft has been giving a lot of support to the latest Star Trek film, and now it has added secret phrases to Bing, which will make the search engine do some cool things.

Microsoft has created a lot of movie tie-ins with Star Trek: Into Darkness over the past few weeks. Windows 8 and the Windows 8 phone have both received official movie apps, and recently Klingon was added to the Bing Translator list of languages.

These are the voyages of the search engine Bing…


The latest promotional effort is a series of secret phrases which can be typed into Bing to make it do cool Star Trek related things. One such phrase, “Beam me up”, will change the icons on the search engine and display a teleportation animation. When this is finished, the Bing background image will be of a strange outer space vista and the Enterprise will come pay you a visit. You’ll also be able to unlock wallpapers and other things by clicking on various parts of the screen. It’d spoil the hunt to know which other phrases you can type into Bing, but if you really want to know, the full (?) list is on Microsoft’s Facebook page.


Microsoft issued a press release about the promotion and also mentions how Rick Rashid, Microsoft’s chief research officer, has been a Star Trek fan since the original series aired while he was in high school. "The whole idea of looking out toward the future and constantly trying to discover new things — those themes have always appealed to me," said Rashid.

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