Further expansion on mobile platforms seems to be on the cards for Microsoft’s popular social gaming platform.


Usually limited to its Xbox consoles, Windows and Windows Phone devices, Xbox Live has proven itself as a robust social gaming platform, but its expansion on mobile can’t come about until its extended to Android and iOS, two of the most widely used platforms in the world.

Microsoft’s intentions of bringing Xbox Live to Android and iOS were first noticed when the company posted a job opening, revealing that it is going to create a modern open source framework that is lightweight, scalable and extensible across multiple platforms such as Windows Phone, iOS and Android. Its all part of Microsoft’s plan to put a new life into social gaming on mobile, which is currently hampered by locked-in platforms such as Apple’s Game Center.

Moreover, folks at The Verge have heard from people with knowledge of the matter that Microsoft is also going to make it easier for developers to integrate Xbox Live in their apps. Developers are currently required to obtain permission and certification from Microsoft if they want Xbox Live, but it is believed that Microsoft is going to remove these restrictions and make the process much more easier so as to maximize potential support from mobile game developers of all sizes.

Microsoft will also develop better tool that game developers will find useful, so quite evidently the focus is on improving the entire experience for people who are actually going to be building apps that will support Xbox Live on these platforms. There’s no word as yet when this platform will be up and running, Microsoft hasn’t commented on the report.

Source: The Verge