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E3 continues to bring out the best and worst of the gaming community, as Microsoft apologized for a misogynistic gaff  from their conference on Monday.

During their E3 presentation, two of their presenters were playing the upcoming Xbox One exclusive, Killer Instinct. The revived fighting game was being played by a male and female presenter who were taking verbal jabs from one another, however, the male producer took it a bit further.

During the demo, the male producer was clearly winning over the female but at one point, the female states, “I can’t even block correctly, and you’re too fast. To which the man replied. “Here we go. Just let it happen. It’ll be over soon.” The attempted rape joke was picked up by gamers and bloggers worldwide to comment on the poor taste of the presenters, scripted or otherwise.

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Microsoft have since come out stating that their banter was not scripted and that both producers had “no ill intent” in their verbal barbs. Earlier this week, Microsoft Studios VP, Phil Spencer directly apologised for the producers claims saying, “one of our employees made an off the cuff and inappropriate comment while demoing ‘Killer Instinct’ with another employee. This comment was offensive and we apologize. At Microsoft, being open and respectful with others is central to our code of conduct and our values. Bullying and harassment of any kind is not condoned and is taken very seriously. We remain committed to make gaming fun for everyone, and in that effort, we must lead by example.”

Do you think the joke was in poor taste and do you think Microsoft needed to apologise for the banter, whether or not the intention was serious?

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