The Arc Mouse comes with a felt pouch that fits the folded-up Arc just right.

pouch Microsoft Arc Mouse

One might be forgiven for mistaking the Arc for something else other than a mouse when it is folded up.

closed overview Microsoft Arc Mouse

The Arc’s hinge mechanism is smooth and spring loaded, snapping into place when the mouse is folded or unfolded.

open overview1 Microsoft Arc Mouse

This design is quite effective in reducing the size of the mouse for storage, as the comparison photo below shows.

comparison Microsoft Arc Mouse

While the Arc’s shape is hand-neutral, the predominance of right-handed persons no doubt led Microsoft to place the side button on the left.

open overview2 Microsoft Arc Mouse

A small LED is concealed in the line running up from the scroll wheel is used to indicate battery level. If it briefly glows green when the mouse is unfolded then there is sufficient charge, but once the battery runs low it is supposed to be a constantly lit orange (we’ve yet to encounter that).

open under Microsoft Arc Mouse

Turning the Arc over reveals the USB transceiver neatly tucked away in a small receptacle. Just in case you were wondering, it is held in place magnetically.

transceiver Microsoft Arc Mouse

A pity that the transceiver is not small enough to plug-and-forget, – it sticks out enough that you’ll want to take it out before putting your laptop away to avoid any transceiver disintegration accidents.

Due to space constraints we also see the tracking sensor being moved to the front of the mouse.

open cover Microsoft Arc Mouse

The Arc requires two AAA-sized batteries.