News out of Bloomberg suggests that Microsoft is asking HTC to include the Windows Phone platform on its Android devices.

Windows HTC

Microsoft’s struggles to get users more interested in its Windows Phone platform are well documented. The platform, which is three years old, currently has a global market share of only 3.7 percent. As such, it is looking at alternate methods to get manufacturers interested. Bloomberg News mentioned today that Terry Myerson, head of Microsoft’s operating systems unit, asked HTC executives to load the Windows Phone platform as a dual-boot option on its Android handsets.

HTC has not launched a Windows Phone device since June, and it looks like it does not intend to launch one anytime soon. The Taiwanese manufacturer announced its first net quarterly loss of $101 million today, and is struggling to beat the likes of Samsung, who had another record-breaking quarter.

In a bid to get device manufacturers like HTC on-board, it has been alleged that Microsoft is looking to waive the licensing fee it collects from vendors to use the Windows Phone platform on their devices. Google has been offering Android for free, with the only caveat being that manufacturers have to include Google services, like the Play Store and Google Search.

Microsoft wants the dual-boot Windows Phone option as this gives users buying Android handsets a chance to try out Redmond’s offering. However, convincing manufacturers to actually do so will be an altogether difficult task.

Source: Bloomberg