The first thing we noticed when using the mouse is the distracting loud clicks of the left and right buttons, which may be partly due to the hollow body of the Comfort Mouse 6000. Microsoft has indicated that the mouse uses the proprietary Bluetrack technology sensor which allows it to track on almost any surface. And on testing, we tried it on various surfaces including a feather duster and the mouse was able to continue tracking compared to other mice that jitter crazily or stop tracking.

Using Mouse Rate Checker, we noted that the Comfort Mouse 6000 performs at a fix polling rate of 125Hz range. Even though it is doesn't have the high polling rates like 1000Hz of those popular gaming mice, it performs well for use at home or even in office.
On testing, we noticed there is significant amount of delay when using the middle mouse scroll, which can be annoying when you need to do quick scrolling. This may also proved to be a disadvantage for gamers who need to scroll through their in-game weapons and items.

The Comfort Mouse 6000 also shows angle-snapping, a type of path correction in mouse sensors that assists you in drawing horizontal or vertical lines. Needless to say, this shows that the mouse is not really ideal for precision drawing and even less for gaming.


Microsoft's Intellipooint software uses a very simply user interface for you to program the five buttons on the Comfort Mouse 6000. As the mouse isn't designed for gaming, there are neither DPI nor polling rate settings.



Microsoft's Bluetrack technology works well on surfaces where the average mouse will jitter crazily. Its lightweight improves the comfort when using it for long periods of time. However, one complaint about the Comfort Mouse 6000 is the lagging middle mouse button. If that is not a major concern, it is a great mouse for basic use. The Microsoft Comfort Mouse 6000 is available now in authorized retailers at US$29.99 or S$39.


Pros Cons
Tracks on almost any surface Laggin middle mouse button
Ergonomic design Feels cheap (hollow)
Lightweight Loud mouse click


Microsoft Comfort Mouse 6000

Retail Price: US$29.99

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