There was a bit of concern from gamers that the next-generation of consoles will bring a change in pricing for the games themselves but it looks like we may be sticking with the status quo on that front.


To some it may seem obvious that games would retain the same price point they do now but a price increase at the start of a new generation isn’t something foreign, in fact it happened last generation.  The fear is that bigger budgets to make games will lead to an increase in price to make it up, but it looks like this will not be the case moving into next generation.


Sony has already said they intend to stick to the same price points and now a Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed that they too will stick to their $59.99 pricing.  I don’t think the gaming industry would do too well in the long-run if prices were to go up to $69.99, sales would likely go down as people would choose more carefully what they would like to buy. If you wanted more proof to be sure, then check out many of the online retailers and you’ll see next-gen games up for pre-order at price points you’re already used to.

Sometimes no change at all is the best thing people can hope for.  It’s a shame Microsoft didn’t get that memo regarding other policies, but at least this can be considered a win for gamers who can now breathe a sigh of relief.

Via: CVG


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