Microsoft Xbox One

After revealing images out of E3, Microsoft have assured fans that their games were in fact running on Xbox One hardware.

An interesting image has been making the rounds this week showing a technician rebooting an Xbox One display at E3. The technician is working hard on his hands and knees, but not restarting an Xbox One dev kit, but definitely a PC. The display and game was not confirmed but Microsoft assured everyone that their games were running on the devkits.


It turns out the image above was taken around one of the indie booths and only a single title was using a computer to run their game. That game was Lococycle and was done at the behest of the developers and not Microsoft. Twisted Pixel are yet to comment on the matter, but considering this is the only image of an Xbox One running on a PC, we will have to take both their words as fact. Looking closely at the images, the game’s logo is definitely the same typeface and style, above the display.

Rumors had circulated some of the displays were running on HP Computers using the Windows 7 operating system. The desktops seen above were however, were running Nvidia 700 series GTX card, quite different from the AMD hardware that will be shipping with Microsoft’s upcoming console.

via The Escapist