Microsoft Zune

Most of us in Asia are probably not familiar with the Microsoft Zune since the media player isn't sold here. And it probably does not matter too much with the recent news that the software giant is discontinuing this product line.

Microsoft introduced the Zune media player in 2006 to go against Apple iPod devices, though the media player was only sold in US and some parts of Europe; it never made its way into Asia even though the new Windows Phone 7 has a Zune software for users to playback their music and videos. (Did we mention you can only rip the songs from your CDs to the Windows Phone 7?)

To date, the software giant has launched seven Zune media players and according to recent news, it looks like the company will stop producing new Zune players, and shift the focus to other devices. While we may not see new versions of Zune players, Microsoft will continue to promote their Zune software onto mobile devices; the Zune software allows users to purchase songs and movies as well as stream unlimited music through a monthly subscription.

Source: Bloomberg