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Microsoft discounts Surface Pro 2 stateside, prices now start at $799

Although Microsoft was at one point rumored to take second-generation Surface Pro models out of circulation to make way for the fresh third-gens, it looks like the Surface Pro 2 will live at least a little while longer, just not at the same prices as before.


And so the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 discount bonanza is underway. Not at all surprising given the predecessor of the “tablet that can replace your laptop” went through a number of price cuts before being ultimately terminated.

As usual though, MS embraces a baby-step type of strategy, so you still can’t exactly call the Surface Pro slates affordable. The cheapest configuration packs a 64 GB solid-state drive and costs $799, which is a measly $100 off its list price.

The 128 GB version is likewise marked down 100 bucks, from $999 to $899, whereas the more generous 256 and 512 gigs variants come with heftier trims. Namely, $200 each, which brings down the former’s retail costs to $1,099 and the latter’s to $1,599.

Surface Pro 2

Bizarrely, the top config seems to be listed as out of stock already, so either Microsoft decided to subtly put it on the back burner, or demand is at unprecedented heights, taking everyone by surprise, including Redmond.

Of course, just because the aging Windows 8.1 Pro tabs are a tad more “sensible” than in the past, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re to be favored over the newer, larger Surface Pro 3. Keep in mind the sole 12 incher nearby is the one appraised at $1,299 and featuring Intel Core i5 power, plus 256 GB storage.

That thing begins shipping in three days, and next in line is the i5 128 GB flavor, available for pre-orders at $999 and rolling out June 30. The two i7-packing “laptop replacements”, valued at $1,549 and $1,949, are still more than a couple of months away from actually seeing daylight, and finally, the $799 Surface Pro 3, touting a lower-end Core i3 chip and 64 GB SSD, launches August 31. Right, now think it through and make your informed decision.

Source: US Microsoft Store

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