UPDATE: Microsoft’s big announcement is that the Redmond-based giant has acquired the Gears of War franchise from Epic Games. More info on the updates here.

Microsoft figureheads Phil Spencer and Major Nelson hint that the company will be announcing a new game for the Xbox One console later this morning.


Before midnight struck last night, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer delivered a teasing Tweet that pointed to an impending game reveal on the morrow.

This news was furthered by Xbox spokesperson Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, who gave a short Tweet that supported Spencer’s update.

Ruffian Games, the devs behind Crackdown 2, gave their own teasing Tweet that reflects those made by the two Microsoft employees, saying that it’s a “good day for announcements“.

One obvious possibility is a reveal for Crackdown 3 on Xbox One, since Ruffian has jumped on the anticipatory bandwagon. Or it may be a snazzy original new exclusive IP for Microsoft’s newly released console–either way it’s sure to be unveiled later today.

Microsoft has recently revealed impressive sales figures for their Xbox One console, confirming that a total of 3.9 million units were shipped between the console’s launch and the end of 2013. The company’s sixth-gen Xbox 360 also sold quite well with 3.5 million systems sold between October and December 2013. Microsoft further reports that these sales figures have boosted the company’s total Q2 2014 fiscal year revenue to $24.52 billion.

It’ll be interesting to see what Microsoft has planned for today–whether it’s something monumental or just another sequel/continuation remains to be seen. We’ll be sure to update this piece when more information comes to light.