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Microsoft gearing up for Windows 8 launch by ordering 5 million Surface tablets

It may rain tablets come Christmas, literally.  Component suppliers in Asia have reported that Microsoft has put in an order for somewhere between 3 to 5 million Surface tablets. Such an order can only mean that Microsoft is serious about snagging away some of the market share from the big-boy of the tablet world—Apple.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the amount of tablets Microsoft has ordered is similar the orders that were placed by Amazon and Google for their respective tablets.  Apple, on the other hand, has reportedly ordered around 10 million iPad minis from its Asian suppliers. 

Apple has not confirmed the iPad mini—the rumored 7.85-inch budget iOS tablet.  However, there are quite a few rumors floating around which suggest that Apple will lift the lid on the iPad mini in about a weeks’ time. 

Adding the amount of tablets that Amazon, Apple, Microsoft have ordered together and you’ll have more than enough tablets to go around this holiday season. 

(Surface Tablet's keyboard also acts as a screen cover)

Microsoft hasn’t announced the prices of its upcoming Surface RT tablet, but some sources have indicated that the software-giant may sell the device for as low as $200.  Many are speculating that Apple will sell the iPad mini for as low as $250, with a few thinking that the device will go for around $300.

Apple currently controls nearly 70 percent of the tablet market, and the entrance of the iPad mini may only help to strengthen that strangle hold.  Windows 8 and the Surface tablet is Microsoft’s answer to the iPad, but only time will tell whether or not Microsoft can succeed in captivating consumers with its new products.

Update: Microsoft has finally uncovered the pricings of its Surface RT tablets.  The 32GB model will cost $499, and the 64GB model will cost $699.  As for the keyboard accessories, the Touch Cover will cost $119.99, whereas the Type Cover will cost $129.99.

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