Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft has released the beta of the new Windows Internet Explorer 9 web browser that promises speed and performance. On top of that, the software maker has also incorporated SmartScreen Filter into Download Manager to protect users from malicious websites.

Have you downloaded and tried the new Internet Explorer 9 Beta web browser? Well, you can get it here.

You may find the browser slightly faster than the previous version, but one notable feature is the SmartScreen Filter that has been integrated with the Download Manager. This feature helps to check the websites user surf, against a list of known phishing sites and those that have malware, and will warn the user about visiting those sites.

For the Download Manager, it will run several security checks on the downloads to ensure that the file comes from a trusted source, and will also scan for viruses or malware. This ensures you are downloading legitimate and harmless files to your PC, preventing any harm to be done otherwise.

Source: eWeek