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Microsoft is back at the Tokyo Game Show

Microsoft is back at the Tokyo Game Show after giving the event a miss last year. The Redmond-based organization has been confirmed as one of over 180 companies that will be exhibiting their wares at the event this year.

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Microsoft’s Xbox One event at E3 can only be described as a debacle. Following heavy consumer backlash, it has since reiterated that users do not need to be connected to the Internet and has also changed its initial stance on used games.

Microsoft is now looking to events like the Tokyo Game Show and Gamescom in a bid to gain more traction with its console. Sales of the Xbox and Xbox 360 have been overshadowed by Sony’s offerings in the past in countries like Japan. With only 1.6 million Xbox 360s sold against 9.6 million PS3 units, Microsoft needs to revaluate its strategies for the country.

However, it looks like Sony might win the fight again as the PlayStation 4 is priced $100 less than the Xbox One and will be region unlocked. Also, it looks like the Xbox One will not be available in the country till 2014 as Microsoft hasn’t included Japan in the list of countries where the console will debut in.

“Microsoft does plan to launch Xbox One, the ultimate new-generation all-in-one entertainment system, in Japan,” Microsoft told Eurogamer last month. “We look forward to confirming timing and other details at a later stage.” With Sony announcing that the PS4 will be available in store shelves by December, it is likely that the Xbox One will have a lot of ground to cover when it actually launches.

Also exhibiting at the show will be game publishers like EA, Sega, Square Enix, Capcom and Namco Bandai. The Tokyo Game Show will be from September 19th to September 22nd.

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