Google aren't the only ones creating augmented reality devices. Now Microsoft is coming up with their answer to Google's Project Glass, and it's a little different.

Google has received a lot of attention for Project Glass, their attempt at creating augmented reality glasses. Microsoft wants to jump on the band wagon, and have taken to creating their own glasses. Though only published recently, they applied for a patent to this device back in May of 2011, so chances are development is quite a bit underway already.

To be honest, they're not super stylish


What makes Microsoft's glasses unique is that while Project Glass uses a rather small transparent display, the Microsoft glasses will utilize a full eye glass. Another difference is that the glasses will be meant more for specific events, than everyday use. The glasses will display text, images and video in front of you, which would be of great use for seeing lyrics at a concert or watching instant replays at sporting events.


As of this time, there's little information on the development of this project (or if it's even being actively developed).