Microsoft has announced that they will be updating their Surface touch and type covers in the very near future by way of a software update.

While the Surface tablets themselves haven’t gained much traction in the market, and reviews haven’t been completely favorable, one thing that has always impressed people was Microsoft’s touch and type covers.

For current owners and fans of the useful Surface covers, Microsoft has announced that they will be getting an update that should improve their functionality in the near future, as part of the monthly update for June.

As for what you can expect to change, they will allow for the ability to toggle the functions for the top row of keys by pressing Fn + Caps. Pressing the two keys a second time will return them to their original functions. The Surface blog also details some added functionality seen in the chart below:


Microsoft continues to support the Surface with monthly updates which help sooth both current customers and potential customers as well. Once again, these changes will go into effect as part of June’s monthly update.

Source: Surface Blog Via: Winsupersite