Following Apple's example, Microsoft has been opening stores in the United States, and pretty soon they may be turning their attention to Europe.

Microsoft has been opening stores in the United States, and a recent FT report suggests they may be bringing these stores to Europe next. Microsoft has reportedly been in talks with UK landlords to set up shops in the United Kingdom. Apple has also been expanding their stores, and Microsoft seems to be following the pattern in an attempt to catch up.

While Apple stores only sell proprietary Apple products, the Microsoft stores sell software from a range of developers, but all of which are compatible with desktop and mobile versions of Windows 8 and Windows phone 8. The first Microsoft Store opened weeks after  the release of Windows 7, and today there are 32 stores across the US and one in Canada. Since the release of Windows 8 at the end of October, four new stores have opened, and one is slated to open in December.


It's a Microsoft Store


Microsoft has been opening their stores near Apple Stores, which isn't very surprising and is a common business strategy, so you can probably expect to see something similar throughout the UK and eventually, across Europe.