In a startling new discovery, WSJ reports that Microsoft and Nokia were in talks for a merger as late as last month. And we all thought that happened back when Windows Phone 7 was first announced.

Microsoft Nokia merger

WSJ reports an interesting new discovery, that Microsoft and Nokia were in talks of a merger as late as last month. From the publications’ own internal sources, talks broke down because Nokia was apparently asking for “too much”. This marriage does seem an ideal one, Nokia is being the struggling phone maker trying to get back on its feet when the first wave of Smartphones swept them off, Microsoft is the struggling software maker facing difficult times with their Windows 8 platform as a whole.

The report also cites the reason why Microsoft walked away as being that Nokia was unable to put a dent in Apple’s and Samsung’s market share. We’d like to pass on a message to Microsoft regarding the same, that no other company has been able to achieve that as well in the past few quarters. Despite talks hitting the drain, both companies are dependent on each other. The Finnish phone maker relies entirely on the Windows Phone platform now (they have abandoned any other platform of theirs, except the low-end Asha phones), much like how Microsoft is dependent on Nokia to churn out quality Windows Phone flagships.

Source: WSJ