Microsoft is offering a unique trade-in program for gamers who are looking to make the jump from the PS3 to the Xbox One.

PS3 Trade In XB1

Many gamers are clamoring for Microsoft to lower the price of their premium new console to match the price point set by Sony’s PS4, and now the company is offering a discount–sort of.

To take advantage of the offer, you’ll need to relinquish ownership of your PlayStation 3 to a local Microsoft Store, and you’ll receive $100 store credit, which can be put towards an Xbox One–effectively making the console the same price as Sony’s $399 PS4.

Microsoft doesn’t stop there; they’ll accept Xbox 360’s as well, although only certain models like the Xbox 360 S or Xbox 360 E are applicable. Oh and you won’t be able to trade in a busted console to get credit, as it needs to work properly in order to be eligible.

Xbox One

The deal is a surprising one for Microsoft, in terms of making the terms more flexible to include Xbox 360’s, and the offer could be quite opportune for more than a few potential Xbox One owners. If you plan to jump ship and cross over to Microsoft’s playing field, now would be a good time to do so.

The offer ends March 2 in the U.S., and additional terms and conditions apply.

It’ll be interesting to see what Microsoft does with all of those traded in PS3’s…maybe they have some nefarious intent planned for the rival units?

Be sure to visit the Microsoft Store’s official page for more info

Via NeoGAF