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Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac Review

Performance is everything

No matter how rich or innovative the features are, the software is as good as useless if it fails to offer decent performance. I was pleasantly surprised by the speed of Office for Mac 2011 – it launches much quicker and is far more responsive than its (dreaded) predecessors; even loading of menus and functions in the programs are faster as well. I did not experience any instability while working with Office for Mac 2011 either.


Office for Mac vs. iWork

How does the new Office fare when it is thrown into the cage with an age-old rival, the Apple iWorks suite? Despite much improved performance over its past versions, Office feels a little less snappy than iWork at times. After all, Mac is iWork’s home ground. We must highlight that overall, the speed difference between both suites is negligible, so a big thumbs up to Microsoft here.


Ribbon interface

The new Ribbon interface can be a bit hit and miss; some love the ‘Windows’ elements present in the new Office, while some just abhor it. This is really dependent on the users’ taste though.


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