Microsoft pushes “Windows Phones” worldwide

wmobile65 Microsoft pushes Windows Phones worldwide

Microsoft held a media event yesterday to officially launch their new Windows Mobile 6.5 OS for the smartphones. The company also debuts new services including My Phone for data backup and restoration. and Windows Marketplace for Mobile for users to find quality applications to use with their smartphones.

 Microsoft pushes Windows Phones worldwide

At the event Ken Wye Saw, VP for Sales & Marketing APAC, talked about how a user can have the same experience on his PC as on his mobile devices with Windows Mobile operating system.

 Microsoft pushes Windows Phones worldwide

Next was Natasha Kwan, General Manager, Asia, Mobile Communications Business, who talked about the company pushing the branding of “Windows Phone”, as well as the new services including My Phone (and My Phone Premium) and Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

(Check out the news release on the next page to find out more about the new services).

 Microsoft pushes Windows Phones worldwide

Here’s a look at the new Windows Mobile 6.5 user interface which is distinctly more attractive than the previous versions. Do note that the availability of the mobile devices preinstalled with the new operating system depends on the manufacturers.

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