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Microsoft reignites ‘PC vs Mac’ comparisons

Apple may have already dropped their ‘I’m a Mac’ advertisements, but it seems certain that Microsoft is not about to let its rival walk away like a smug winner. And what better way to take the sting out of a Apple’s campaign by using the competition’s own comparison against itself?

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Just when you thought the dust from Apple’s ‘I’m a Mac’ advertisements have settled, out comes Microsoft to re-ignite the flames sparked off by the former’s commercials. And this time, it seems that the Redmond company is determined to unleash all it has against the purported ‘superiority’ of the Mac platform, in the form of its ‘PC versus Mac’ webpage.

However, unlike Microsoft’s previous commercials which focused more on Windows-powered PCs’ price advantage and user-friendliness, the software giant is going for where it hurts Apple the most. And in this case, it would be software compatibility and hardware support on any other non-Windows operating system: the site even specifically lists gaming and blu-ray as completely lacking support on Mac OS X, along many other similar examples. More interestingly, Microsoft apparently saw it fit to take a stab at the perceived lack of choices available in Apple hardware, where it states that Apple computers are available in any colour as long as it is white or silver.

While Microsoft’s claims are technically correct on some levels, its attempt to keep the extremely-old Mac vs PC battle alive probably will not endear it to most parties. Of course, it can be argued that Microsoft has to take action to disprove the accusations Apple had thrown against them. And while nobody is doubting the necessity of such action, the question the company should probably be asking itself is, is this the right way to do so?

Source: Microsoft website

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