Microsoft Windows 8.1 preview

Microsoft has released the first official video featuring their upcoming Windows 8.1 OS. The four-minute video gives you a glimpse of things to come. June 26 can’t come soon enough, when the first official preview of the new OS will be released to public.

Microsoft’s official Windows 8.1 Preview video highlights a couple of new features that the upcoming OS will pack. Mind you, Windows Blue isn’t an entirely new OS, but rather an incremental update, building upon their bold Windows 8 released last October. You’ve read enough, watch the video already!

Here’s a quick look at a few of the new features and tweaks introduced by Microsoft:

  • New Tile Sizes
  • Apps Sorting
  • Start Menu In Desktop Mode
  • Lockscreen Photo Frames
  • Home screen Wallpapers

The changes that you see now are mostly cosmetic. Microsoft will be detailing the complete changes that they have made in Windows 8.1 at the annual Build conference on June 26.