It looks like Microsoft has started selling a new SKU of their not-so-popular Surface Pro tablet. The new Pro has a 256 GB SSD, and an affordable price tag of $1,199 only.

Surface Pro 256 GB SSD (1)

Just when we thought that Microsoft was done with the first generation Surface tablets (I think selling them for as cheap as $99 counts), lists a new SKU of the Surface Pro Windows 8 tablet with a 256 GB SSD instead. The price? Hold on to your wallets as you ain’t gonna be spending a cent, a whopping $1,199 (ta-daa!).

Surface Pro 256 GB SSD

Honestly, we don’t know what Microsoft were thinking with this new sure-to-be-flop new SKU with an oh-my-god-look-at-the… Meh… Price tag. also lists the rest of the unchanged Surface Pro specifications.

C’mon Microsoft, at this point nothing short of an ultra low-voltage Intel Haswell CPU, 4 GB of low-voltage RAM and an affordable price tag would convince us to buy another “Surface” branded product. Not only that, we would love for MS to actually include the touch and type cover in the bundle. Keeping them as an expensive add-on simply doesn’t make sense, especially when you market your entire product with those add-ons.


I don’t love you too

Until then… Eat dust Microsoft (Sorry I’m getting real sentimental… Was really hoping to buy one of these babies for a far more ‘sensible’ price).

Source: CDW via Windows Phone Central (1), (2)