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Microsoft SideWinder Laser Mouse – Advanced Rodent on the loose


Quite a handful.

The SideWinder is a mouse intended for the right-handed , as indicated by the thumb operated buttons and directional curves. Right handers with larger hands will probably like the SideWinder for it’s massive size. The SideWinder is designed for those who like to rest their palm on the mouse body for a very satisfying grip. Users with smaller hands are not excluded from enjoying the SideWinder, rather, it just takes a bit more time for such users to adjust themselves. The build quality is amazing, with metal running from the scroll wheel to the large thumb buttons. It feels very very sturdy and solid. For some reason that you’d like a heavier mouse, pop in the weights. It’s built like a brick, and a top notch one to boot.

Precision and DPI

200 to 2000 DPI, take your pick. The programmable DPI buttons allows you to preset DPI settings to your liking. Gamers can set a certain DPI for normal and close range gun fights, and another preset for sniping. Photographers and content editors can also benefit from the pixel-precise control. The report rate of the SideWinder is 500Hz, which is on par with other gaming mice available on the market at the moment.

Although the SideWinder sports a 2000 DPI sensor which falls short of the G9’s 3200 DPI and Lachesis’ 4000 DPI, the fact is that 2000 DPI already exceeds requirements of daily work and gaming for all but a few situations. To scale beyond 2000 DPI is gaining entry into control problems. However, mice control is subjective, and I personally use 800 DPI for most tasks.

Software and Macros

The IntelliPoint software by Microsoft allows users a handy interface for customizing the SideWinder.

Conveniently located at the side is a macro-record button.

Microsoft has also added a macro feature to the SideWinder, making it even more feature rich. You can even record and execute macros with time delay like you would on a Logitech G15 keyboard.

The SideWinder has it’s own dedicated macro recording button, which makes in-game macro recording possible.

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