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Microsoft Singapore introduces new Touch Mouse and Explorer Touch Mouse


The Touch Mouse (S$99 suggested retail price) is a new multitouch device designed exclusively for Windows 7 that lets people click, flick, scroll and swipe, making it easy and fun to interact with their PCs. Born from the Mouse 2.0 project conducted by Microsoft Research and the Applied Sciences Group, the Touch Mouse combines the virtues of a mouse with the rich natural language of gesture that enables people interact with Windows 7 in a more intuitive way. It lets users do everything they are used to doing with a mouse, such as point and click, but also adds gestures with one, two or three fingers to amplify the Windows 7 operating system experience by creating simple shortcuts to the tasks people want to do most.

– One finger lets people manage individual documents or pages by flicking to quickly scroll, pan and tilt.
– One thumb lets people move back or forward through a Web browser.
– Two fingers manage windows, letting people maximize, minimize, snap and restore them.
– Three fingers let people navigate their whole desktop, showing instant viewer or clearing their desktop.

The Touch Mouse is equipped with BlueTrack Technology which allow users to use it on virtually any surface, and the tiny Nano transceiver is very small for easy plug and forget it.

The sleek Explorer Touch Mouse (S$59 suggested retail price) features an advanced scroll strip for vertical and horizontal navigation on your PC or Mac, Microsoft has  included side-to-side swipes and five customizable buttons functionality on their touch strip. Switching from a scroll wheel to a touch strip is made easier with haptics, a vibration technology that simulates the bumps users would feel while using a traditional scroll wheel. It also incorporates BlueTrack technology which let you roam on almost any surfaces. The ambidextrous design provides comfort for both left- and right-handers, and the Nano receiver can be left plugged into your PC or stored at the bottom of the mouse. The Explorer Touch Mouse offers an 18-month battery life, and is available in Storm Grey, Rust Red, Sangria Red and Black colors.

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