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Microsoft Studios Creative Director starts a ruckus via Twitter by defending Xbox 720’s online-only requirement

Purportedly, Microsoft Studios Creative Director Adam Orth has started quite the commotion in the gaming world with his recent comments on Twitter, responding to fellow Tweeters with biting sarcastic remarks and has even defended the Xbox 720's always-online function.

Adam Orth, a purported Microsoft Studios Creative Director, has recently stirred up gamers with his biting remarks via Twitter and has since become a focus of widespread dislike in the gaming world.

The dissent for Orth's remarks seem to have followed shortly after the creative director defended the rumored online-only functionality for Microsoft's upcoming next-gen console the Xbox 720.

Orth's comments were sparked by a recent article on Kotaku, which revealed that gamers may have to have an internet connection just to start up a game. The discussion regarding the viability of Microsoft's online-only requirement spread to NeoGAF, and then found its way onto Twitter where Orth got caught up in the mix.

Below you can see some of Adam Orth's comments on the matter:

Our recent coverage of the Xbox 720's leaked Software Development Kit also points to the inclusion of the online-only functionality for the new console, however it still remains officially unconfirmed. Additionally it's odd to see a Microsoft employee discuss the function considering it has yet to be confirmed, and this may add to the evidence of the Xbox 720 being online-only.

Gamers around the world feel cheated with the online-only requirement and have voiced their opinions throughout social media networks like Twitter, and naturally Orth's recent remarks were targeted by frustrated gamers who are completely against the function.

Orth also issued a variety of sarcastic and dry remarks via his Twitter account on the subject–something that Microsoft employees really shouldn't do–that seemed to only add fuel to the virtual fire.

In a recent Tweet, Microsoft's Chief of Staff interactive Entertainment Business Aaron Greenberg apologized for Orth's remarks, adding that he's not sure who Adam Orth is, which is quite curious in itself. In any case, it will be interesting to see if Microsoft issues a public apology to all of the gamers who were offended by Orth's remarks, and what happens to Orth in regards to his position at the company.

The online-only requirement for the Xbox 720 has been hotly debated throughout the internet, and gamers all across the globe are exasperated with the thought of having to be online all the time just to play games.

If the function is indeed incorporated, Microsoft will no-doubt lose a considerable number of sales and alienate its constituency, regardless of the pros of the requirement itself.

Microsoft will most likely make its case regarding the contested function at this year's E3 when the Xbox 720 will most likely be revealed.

Via StickSkills, NeoGAF


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