Its not uncommon to see lawsuits filed against companies over patent infringement, though the latest ones involved Microsoft and Motorola. Microsoft is suing the phone manufacturer over patent infringement on their Android smartphones.

Its roughly ten days before Microsoft holds the media launch of their highly anticipated Windows Phone 7 (with the retail availability of the phones soon after). And the company has suddenly decided to shoot off a lawsuit to one particular US phone maker.

According to news report, the software giant is suing Motorola over patent infringement on their Android smartphones, which include synchronizing of e-mail, calendars and contacts, meeting schedules and notifying applications of changes in signal strength and battery power. A Motorola spokeswoman said the company has yet to receive a copy of the suit, although it plans to defend itself.

Perhaps this is Microsoft’s way to send a message across to the Android camp that its Windows Phone 7 is not to be taken lightly with in this heated mobile platform competition. Not long ago, the company has mocked the Apple iPhone by holding a “funeral”.

Source: Reuters