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Microsoft talks about the “liquid black” design on Xbox One

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Microsoft has revealed the specs inside the Xbox One, but there is still much to be discovered about the outside of the console. Microsoft is ready to reveal more about the form factor of the console, Kinect and the controller.

In a recent Xbox Wire blog post which was accompanied by a YouTube video, members of the Xbox One design team discussed the design of the console and revealed that the color of the new Xbox is called “liquid black”, the blackest black one can create from resin. The controller is of the same color, which has the nice effect of letting the colored labels on the A, B, X and Y buttons look like they’re floating above the device. According to the blog post:

The console and Kinect sensor are liquid black so they melt into the background when being used, allowing the content on your TV to dominate the living room. The user interface is overlaid on the same shade of deep black so that the content tiles on the dashboard are more vivid and easier to navigate and interact with.


The design process for the Xbox One began way back in 2010, and the team created “dozens and dozens” of prototypes, as well as 100 new designs for the Kinect sensor and over 200 redesigns for the controller. Even the UI, which is clearly inspired by Windows 8’s UI, underwent some major changes.

Check out the video here

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