Six months after its high profile launch, Microsoft's revamped Email service sheds its preview status, and will be backed by millions of advertising dollars.

Six months after a much publicized launch of Microsoft’s, it has finally shed its preview status and is now available everywhere. " is coming out of preview," says Microsoft's Dharmesh Mehta, senior director of "We'll take the preview tag off." was one of the boldest moves by Microsoft in 2012 to take on the Gmail juggernaut of Google. Its bright sparkly colors and simple interface immediately received rave reviews from pundits and common users alike. Combined with a fluid interface with Skydrive and many other smart innovations gave a unique identity of its own.

Microsoft has already launched a high decibel advertising campaign on TV, radio, online and elsewhere. These ads will be directed at Gmail users but will be less aggressive than the famous “Scroogled” ads.

According to Mr. Mehta, about 60 million people have been actively used services offered by, and Microsoft engineers are working on the backend constantly to provide a smooth service to everyone.

More features are also expected to be added very soon – Calendar UI upgrade, Android app and Skype integration being some of the main ones. The war between the Email giants is entering another phase, and so far it looks like Microsoft is hellbent on stealing away some of Google’s users.