So performance-wise as a Mouse for navigating documents, switching between active windows or browsing Web pages, there is really nothing you can fault this device for. Compared to the special edition Halo wireless mouse (also from…you’ve guessed it….Microsoft), it is a shade more comfortable to rest your palm on, for hours at a time. Again, the main catch is that it works best when you’re running Windows 7, so folks with older PCs running previous versions of Windows might want to consider upgrading your OS just to play with this Mouse. Also, if you’re the sort who wants to customise the mouse to no end for playing FPS games, for instance, or to automate certain functions, the Touch Mouse is not the droid you are looking for.

But for everyone else willing to forget about DPIs and what not, this is one sleek and sexy Microsoft hardware that has both style and substance. Plus, it really perks up the mundane tasks of everyday computing. This one is a keeper. Just be sure others don’t swipe your Touch Mouse out of jealousy.

Microsoft Touch Mouse
Price: S$99
Available at authorised retailrs including Challenger

– Excellent touch/gesture controls
– Response is fluid and quick
– Truly ergonomic and comfortable to hold, great for using for hours at a stretch

– Windows 7 is mandatory to enjoy this device
– Not for customisation or gaming

Overall rating:-