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Microsoft uses NVIDIA-equipped systems to run Xbox One demos at E3

Microsoft has some work to do before launching its Xbox One, one of which entails the actual console itself.  At this year’s E3, Microsoft was spotted using NVIDIA-based gaming rigs instead of the actual console to run various demos.

The news did not strike us as surprising given all the direct and indirect PR nonsense that was thrown at us.  Although, what did hit us with a hammer was that some sources reported that the demo PCs weren’t running AMD GPUs, but rather they were equipped with NVIDIA’s 700-series GTX’s.

Electronic Arts COO, Peter Moore, confirmed during a post-E3 press conference that the Xbox One demos were running on dev systems with specs comparable to the Xbox One.  When the NVIDIA brand is thrown in there instead of AMD, it only adds even more insult to Microsoft’s poor showing at E3.

Getting back to the bread and butter of this subject, though, it gets a bit more embarrassing when you consider the fact that the Xbox One will be equipped with a mid-range AMD GPU—some suggest that it’s somewhere in the range of the 7790, but the Xbox One dev systems required 700-series GTXs to stably run demos?  We all know that the Xbox One will come with a semi-custom APU, so it’s a bit convoluted in regards to the comparison.  Still, it’s hard to control the giggles, especially for die-hard PC-gamers.

Source: cinemablend


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