If you thought Sony’s exclusive discounts and in-game content for pre-ordering GTA V were good, wait till you hear what Microsoft has cooked up.

pre order Grand Theft Auto V Xbox 360

If pre-order a copy of Grand Theft Auto V from the Microsoft Store right now, Microsoft will give you back 1600 in Microsoft Points ($20 in real-world money) for it. It is the best pre-order deal you can get now for the hotly anticipated open-world game from Rockstar.

Sony’s GTA V pre-order deal with Rockstar includes in-game content such as a flyable Atomic Blimp, and 75% off on any Rockstar game in the PlayStation Store.

You can pre-order GTA V for your Xbox 360 from the link below. Do note that you will only receive the 1600 Microsoft Points ten days after the release date. This in order to ensure people don’t just pre-order, receive and use digital money, and cancel the pre-order.

Source: Microsoft Store