Windows Phone 7

The upcoming Windows Phone 7 update promises new features including Bing Audio, Bing Vision, faster Internet Explorer 9 web browser. Codenamed "Mango", Microsoft said that the update will come in the later half of this year.

If you're holding on to a Windows Phone 7, here's some good news. Microsoft's "Mango" update for the Windows Phone 7 platform will most likely be arriving in the later half of this year, and it has many new features to offer.

The features include Bing Audio that can identify songs playing in the vicinity; Bing Vision, an augmented-reality feature that allows the smartphone to scan barcodes and QR codes; turn-by-turn navigation with voice guidance; read out SMS messages; as well as faster Internet Explorer 9 web browser.

The software giant will also be releasing the updated Windows Phone Developer Tools for developers to create more integrated and high-performance applications.

Source: eWeek