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Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Preview

The Games hub allows you to access your Xbox Live account wirelessly, as well as game with friends. There isn’t any game for this preview, though Hardman says there will be many exciting ones coming soon. It is also possible you can game on the phone with a friend who is on his Xbox 360 console, though that depends on the game developers.

Most users use social network such as Facebook and Windows Live, and you can check your friends’ updates conveniently via the People hub. According to Hardman, the phone pulls relevant data from the news feed of your social network sites.

From the People Hub, you can also access your friend’s photos and videos as well as share yours.

Even though the Microsoft Zune digital media player isn’t sold in Singapore, the company is bringing the multimedia experience to the Windows Phone 7. You can access your favorite music, video, podcast and radio, but for the music content, the Zune store isn’t going to be available here anytime soon. Hardman says that users can only rely on ripping the music from their audio CDs at this point in time.

When it comes to office documents, you can rest assured that Microsoft has incorporated the Office hub with Word, Excel and Powerpoint for you to read, edit and share the documents. You can also configure the Outlook Mobile to synchronize your office or personal email accounts to send and receive emails.

Final thoughts: From the brief preview, the Windows Phone 7 is a huge improvement to the previous versions, or to be more correct, this is one totally different phone with the closest Windows experience. Despite not being the final production unit, we find the navigation rather seamless and the overall user interface very appealing.

Because the Windows Phone 7 has minimum requirement including the hardware specifications, necessary buttons and their layout, and even screen size, we wondered if the phone manufacturers would all come out phones with very similar designs; Hardman did say he saw some of the final production phones and the designs are great. Well, we can only wait and see.

Hardman didn’t mention much about the apps for the Windows Phone 7, nor the Windows Marketplace. But he assures us that there will be apps available for the phone in due time. (probably at the official launch of the Windows Phone 7).

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