Windows RT may go down the webOS path. Oops…


It looks like Microsoft’s ambitions Windows 8 on ARM (dubbed RT) might suffer the same fate as HP’s webOS mobile operating system. A new report highlights that most big-brand vendors, if not all, have stopped development of any new Windows RT based devices, leaving Microsoft’s own Surface RT 2 to be the lone wolf in the pack.

If the company wasn’t already knee deep in troubles with their tablet platform,

Microsoft is also having trouble gaining growth in the smartphone industry, the company currently only has less than 1% and 3% shares in tablet and smartphone markets, respectively, the sources said.

Despite the software company making massive efforts for a revamped Windows 8.1 blue, new and refreshed apps as well preparing attractive bundles (eg. Office RT), the Surface RT 2 might end up as the only Windows 8.1 RT based device in the market, and perhaps the last RT device altogether. We honestly feel that Microsoft should shift their entire focus to saving their Windows 8 platform and chuck pursuing ARM support, as well as make some serious changes in order to grab more market share with Windows Phone. Microsoft, here’s hoping that you’re listening.

Source: DigiTimes


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